Numerology Stud (Earrings)
Numerology No 9 Earring - GFG Jewellery by Nilufer
Numerology Stud (Earrings)

Numerology Earring 9


The delightful numerology studs are set in 18kt yellow gold and adorned with white sapphires and are sold as a single stud.

To find your special numerology you will need to add your date of birth for the date, month and year separately till you achieve a single digit.

For example if you are born on the 7th of January 1990 your numerology calculation is as follows 0+7=7 (date), 0+1=1 (month) and 1+9+9+0=19==> 1+9=10 ==> 1+0=1 (year). You will need to add 7+1+1=9.

The studs are hallmarked by the London Assay Office according to the 1973 UK Hallmarking Act.